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Specialist insurance for dogs with pre-existing medical conditions


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Specialist Pet Insurance For Older And Mature Dogs


How are we different? We provide ONLINE MEDICAL SCREENING for your dog. This means we aim to cover your dog for every condition, including those you may have claimed against in the past, and unlike Lifetime Cover our policy won’t lock you in to future inflated premiums. Instead, your premium will always be based on YOUR dog’s health.


Older dogs are likely to have suffered more medical conditions. Don’t take the risk of these being uninsured – get a quote now.




What Constitutes Old Age?


As a specialist older dog insurer, K9 Pet Insurance are often asked to define what exactly constitutes ‘old age’ in a dog?


Many owners are familiar with the 7 dog years to 1 human year analogy, but this is pretty flawed when you have an Irish Wolfhound with a life expectancy of 6 years and a Chihuahua at 16!


We’ve also found a lot of pet food labels to be just as vague. Apparently once your dog reaches 7 they’re considered mature – even for small and toy breeds, which surely can’t be the case for those that live well into their teens? Perhaps some food suppliers charge more for the extra nutrients so it’s in their interests to bring the classification down?


So from an insurance viewpoint we thought it would be of interest to you to know where we believe the tipping point lies. We’ve broken down your dog’s age into four categories; puppy/adult/mature/senior. Just select your dog’s age and breed. 







How Does My Breed Compare?


If you’d like to see how your breed compares to others then click here for the full table.